Restaurant Management System Features

Restaurant Management System Features
 Take Orders from PDA




Reduce the no of Employees – print KOTs directly inside the Kitchen / Bar through PDAs. Decrease the Order Processing Time, increase efficiency.



Information at your finger tips




Information is the key to success and if it is ‘On the spot’ it makes a lot of difference to the business.

eg: Various MIS reports like Item Wise sale, Department wise Performance etc. can be retrieved easily.

Graphical analysis in the form of pie charts and bar graphs of your restaurant data is possible.







The System has built in LAN Support and can work on multiple computers simultaneously.

For eg: You can have separate computers for A/C & Non A/C departments but data will be unified on single server machine.



Live Reporting


The system can deliver live reports (as in stock markets) about the happenings and performance of restaurant to the owners/managers desk.



Mobile Phone Support


You can get live update and restaurant performance right into your mobile phones (Selected models only).


Excise Module


All Excise Reports including FLR 3, FLR 3 A (Brand Wise Report), FLR 4, FLR 6 can be generated on a click of a button.




Data Export Facility


You can export data to variety of other formats like MS-Word, Excel, Acrobat, HTML etc.


Internet Enabled


The System is internet enabled which facilitates the owner/manager to view various reports through internet from anywhere in the world.







The System facilitates easy addition and removal of key Restaurant elements like:

– A/C, Non A/C Departments

– Tables

– Menu Items and Rates

– Waiters, Supervisors etc.


Taxes and VAT rates are also flexible.




Robust & Stable




The System has been built using latest Microsoft .NET Technology. Extreme care is taken during the development which guarantees complete stability while working with the system.

The System is designed to be crash proof and can work for 365 days (24 X 7).



System Requirements


Hardware Requirements:

Intel Celeron based computer or higher

Dot Matrix Printer

LAN Components (Optional)


Software Requirements:

MS Windows XP Professional

MS SQL Server




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