Tissue Paper Suppliers

Paper cups supplied by great tissue paper suppliers have ended up being a needed accessory for our frantic modern-day lifestyles. The view of work environment bins overflowing with coffee paper mug waste could increase some inquiries concerning the ecological impact of this massive waste. Yet the fact is that these disposable mugs are made by […]

Restaurant Management System

Restaurant Management System Take orders through PDA Print KOT directly inside the kitchen / Bar Easy Billing and Totaling slip generation Single click Excise approved FLR Reports Rich Graphical Reporting with Pie and Bar Graphs LAN / Network enabled Mobile Phone Reporting Internet Enabled Reporting more Hotel & Lodging Management System Customer Day Wise Details, […]

Call Firewall

PLATFORM: WM5/WM6 Pocket PC & SmartPhone FEATURES & OPTIONS: CallFirewall basically rejects unwanted calls. a. Accecpt all calls – pretty self explainatory b. Accept call from My Contacts only – accepts calls from contacts only, others are rejected c. Reject all calls – pretty self explainatory d. White List – accepts calls only from the […]

Windows Mobile Section

Cell Broadcast Message LogoCell Broadcast Message Solution [Beta Version] Receive Cell Broadcast Message as in Nokia/Sony Phones Suppress Cell Broadcast Text Messages Automatically Delete Cell Broadcast Text Messages from Inbox Today Plug-In more Call Firewall Reject Unwanted Calls Create Black/White Caller Lists Create Call Rejection Patterns Automatically Reply with SMS Add Calls as Calendar Appointments more […]